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You have the power to change your brain’s response to physical, emotional, and mental distress. It won’t take hundreds of hours of therapy sessions. You can see dramatic changes immediately.

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Meridian Tapping and Faster Emotional Focus Transformation are rooted in the neuroscience of acupuncture meridians. By gently tapping your fingers on strategic mind-body connection points (meridians) and replacing negative thoughts with positive words, you can teach your brain to respond to stressors in a healthy way. Instead of reacting from the survival, fight or flight response, you will engage your creative center in your brain to solve problems in positive ways.

Rita’s Story

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The first time I experienced Meridian Tapping, I had just gotten hurt while saving myself from falling off a cliff in an obstacle course. Instead of belaying in a straight line, I crashed into a fallen tree. The pain was immense. I lost my bearings. My heart rate skyrocketed. My hands felt clammy. I could hardly think straight as my friends pulled me to the top of the cliff.

Immediately, my friend began tapping with her two fingers on my face and  collarbone. She spoke gently, positively, and had me repeat after her. My breathing slowed. My heart regulated. As soon as she finished, I completed the obstacle course successfully, without fear. I didn’t understand how, but tapping helped me be successful in the middle of trauma.

The next time I faced a traumatic situation—leading a conference call with a person who had belittled me professionally—I turned to my friend who had helped me before. She led me through another tapping session, and I successfully completed the phone call.

But as an experienced nurse in emergency rooms and labor/delivery, I was still skeptical. I needed to understand the science behind this before I could recommend or practice it with others. As I attended conferences, studied the research, and saw the countless numbers of people who were helped by the technique, I knew I had fallen into something amazing that provided real relief. (You can read the tapping resources I found most helpful here.) 

I used the techniques I learned with women who were about to undergo c-sections. Their stress was greatly reduced. I helped children overcome math test-taking anxiety—and now they are at the top of their class. People with addictions overcame their addictions faster using tapping than by counseling therapy alone. Professionals and athletes overcame fear of failure and saw improved performance.

I retired from nursing in hospitals and moved into stress-relief therapy because I wanted to give you the power to take control of your own wellness journey.

I am 100% committed to your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

My life purpose is to give you tools you can use to change your destination: Destination Health.

My life purpose is to give you tools you can use to change your destination: Destination Health.

Rita Duncan, R.N., L.M.T. of Destination Health
Rita Duncan, R.N., L.M.T.

Meridian Tapping Specialist

Skill Set:

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  • Registered Nurse in Emergency Room and Labor/Delivery for 42 years
  • Recovery Specialist and Advanced Practitioner at Addiction Treatment Center
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Assertiveness Coach
  • Certified Essential Oil Practitioner
  • Lamaze Instructor
  • Camp Nurse at Teen Adventure Camp
  • MOPS Mentor


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Rita Duncan is available to speak at your next event. Just a few of her popular keynotes or interactive sessions are:

  • The Power of Permission
  • How to Destress (For Real)
  • How to Make Emotions Mentionable and Manageable
  • How to Upgrade My Emotional Intelligence
  • Why Am I So Anxious?
  • Why Do I Feel Bad?
  • How to Use Memories and Feelings For Success
  • What Our Emotions Have to Do With Our Direction or Connections

My Core Values

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